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Miele Ovens User's Manual - Oven H 316.
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Caring for the environment
Disposal of the packing 

The transport and protective packing
has been selected from materials
which are environmentally friendly for
disposal and can normally be recycled.

Ensure that any plastic wrappings,
bags etc. are disposed of safely and
kept out of the reach of babies and
young children. Danger of suffocation!

Rather than just throwing these ma-
terials away, please ensure they are of-
fered for recycling.

Disposal of your old machine

Old machines contain materials which
can be reclaimed or recycled. Please
contact your dealer, your local waste
collection centre or scrap merchant
about potential recycling schemes, 
before disposing of the appliance.

Ensure that the machine presents no
danger to children while being stored
for disposal. See the appropriate ad-
vice in the "Warning and Safety instruc-

Caring for the environment