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Meiko Dishwasher Owner's Manual - K-200.
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3.3 Uncrating, Positioning and Leveling
Most K-Tronic series machines are shipped
in a single section, with wiring and plumbing
connections already in place from the factory.
The Installation section of this manual
describes the installation of these pre-
assembled machines.
Due to space limitations at some installation
sites, it may be necessary for the machine to
be shipped in sections. If this is the case,
assembling the sections is outside the scope
of this Manual. Follow the on-site directions
of the Meiko factory representative to
assemble the sections.
1. Remove all shipping and packaging ma-

terial from the appliance, including sup-
ports and wrappings. Leave the shipping
skid in place at this time to allow for easier
movement to the installation location.

2. Check for shipping damage as described

in Section 2, “Transport and Shipping.” If
damage is present, call Meiko Customer
Service at 1-800-868-3840, providing full
details on the customer, serial number and
extent of damage present. Meiko will file
a freight claim based on this information.

3. Move the appliance to the installation area

using proper moving equipment.
When moving the machine, ALWAYS sup-
port it from both ends - not the center.


Be sure that the moving equipment is
positioned underneath the SKID and not
the MACHINE. Some components of the
machine extend down from the frame and
can be damaged if the machine is
improperly lifted. See Figure 3-1.
If the pallet is removed, the frame of the
dishwasher can be damaged by improper
lifting. The machine’s weight must always
be distributed properly using cross-mem-
bers to protect the frame.

4. After the machine is moved to the correct

location, lower the jacks to the floor, but
leave them in place.

5. Remove the hardware attaching the raised

cross-members of the pallet to the large
runners that rest on the floor. To remove
the hardware, you will need the following

Torx TX 20 screwdriver

Torx TX 25 screwdriver

Wrench with 10mm hex socket

#3 Phillips-head screwdriver

6. With the hardware removed, slowly raise

the jacks. The cross-members will lift free,
while the large runners remain on the floor.

7. Remove the runners and lower the jacks.

Then, remove the cross-members.

8. The machine can be moved for a SHORT

distance by carefully sliding it on the floor.
Be careful not to damage the legs on tile
gaps, gratings, or other irregularities in the

9. Machines that are not equipped with a

blower dryer include a cowling at the exit
end of the machine. If dish tables are al-
ready in place, it may be necessary to tem-
porarily remove the cowling to install the
machine. See Figure 3-2.
The cowling is held in place by 8mm hex
head acorn nuts on the inside of the ma-
chine. For easy access to the acorn nuts,
simply lift the front access door(s).

Figure 3-1: Shipping skids






Pallet jacks MUST

support the cross-

members of the

pallet, NOT the

bottom of the