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Maytag Dryer Installation Guide - MGDC215EW.
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Install Leveling Legs

Prepare dryer for leveling legs


To avoid damaging floor, use a large flat piece of cardboard 

from dryer carton; place under entire back edge of dryer. 

Firmly grasp dryer body (not console panel) and gently lay 

dryer down on cardboard.


Gas Supply Requirements

Gas type

Natural gas:
This dryer is equipped for use with Natural Gas. It is design-

certified by CSA International for LP (propane or butane) gases 

with appropriate conversion.


Your dryer must have the correct burner for the type of gas  

in your home. Burner information is located on the rating  

plate in the door well of your dryer. If this information does  

not agree with the type of gas available, please reference the 

“Assistance or Service” section of the “Use and Care Guide.” 

LP gas conversion:
Conversion must be made by a qualified technician.
No attempt shall be made to convert the dryer from the gas 

specified on the model/serial rating plate for use with a different 

gas without consulting the serving gas supplier.

IMPORTANT: The gas installation must conform with local codes, 

or in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas 

Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 or the Canadian Natural Gas and 

Propane Installation Code, CSA B149.1.

Screw in leveling legs


Using a wrench and tape measure, screw legs into leg holes 

until bottom of foot is approximately 1/2" (13 mm) (to match 

height of 3.6 cu. ft. capacity washer) or 1½" (38 mm) (to 

match height of 3.8 cu. ft. capacity washer) from bottom of 


Now stand the dryer on its legs. Slide the dryer until it is 

close to its final location. Leave enough room for electrical 

connection and to connect the exhaust vent.

For mobile home use
Gas dryers must be securely fastened to the floor.

Mobile home installations require a Mobile Home Installation 

Hold-down Kit. For ordering information, please reference the 

“Use and Care Guide.”