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Maytag Dryer Use & Care Manual - MED5100DW.
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Water Inlet Hose
Replace inlet hose and hose screen after 5 years of use to 

reduce the risk of hose failure. Periodically inspect and replace 

inlet hose if bulges, kinks, cuts, wear, or leaks are found.

When replacing your inlet hose, record the date of 


To Winterize the Dryer
1.  Unplug dryer or disconnect power.
2.  Shut off water faucet.
3.  Disconnect water inlet hose from faucet and drain.

To Use the Dryer Again
1.  Flush water pipes. Reconnect water inlet hose to faucet.  

Turn on water faucet.

2.  Plug in dryer or reconnect power as described in the 

Installation Instructions.


Install and store your dryer where it will not freeze. Because 

some water may stay in the hose, freezing can damage your 

dryer. If storing or moving your dryer during freezing weather, 

winterize it.

Non-Use or Storage Care
Operate your dryer only when you are at home. If you will be 

on vacation or not using your dryer for an extended period of 

time, you should:

1.  Unplug dryer or disconnect power.
2.  Clean lint screen. See “Cleaning the Lint Screen.”
3.  Turn off the water supply to the dryer. This helps to avoid 

unintended flooding (due to a water pressure surge) while 

you are away.

Moving Care
For power supply cord-connected dryers: 
1.  Unplug the power supply cord. 
2.  Gas models only: Close shut-off valve in gas supply line. 
3.  Gas models only: Disconnect gas supply line pipe and 

remove fittings attached to dryer pipe.

4.  Gas models only: Cap the open gas supply line.
5.  Steam models only: Shut off water faucet.
6.  Disconnect the water inlet hose from faucet, then drain the 

hose. Transport hose separately.

7.  Make sure leveling legs are secure in dryer base. 
8.  Use tape to secure dryer door. 

For direct-wired dryers:
1.  Disconnect power.
2.  Disconnect wiring.
3.  Steam models only: Shut off water faucet.
4.  Steam models only: Disconnect the water inlet hose from 

faucet; then drain the hose. Transport hose separately.

5.  Make sure leveling legs are secure in dryer base.
6.  Use tape to secure dryer door.
Reinstalling the Dryer
Follow the Installation Instructions to locate, level, and connect 

the dryer.