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9  ›  Keybed Functions Defined 

Control Assign
The Control Assign function assigns a MIDI controller message (MIDI CC) to a selected controller. 

To assign a MIDI CC to a selected controller:
1.   Press the Advanced Function button.
2.  Press the Control Assign key. 
3.  Enter the MIDI CC value with the numeric keys. 
4.  Press the Enter key.

The controller that is affected by the Control Assign function is always the last used controller. By default, controller 1 is selected. 
However, it is possible to alter the selected controller during edit mode by moving a different controller.  As you enter a new MIDI cc 
assignment using the data entry keys, the LED will update to give feedback on the number that has been entered.

Please see appendix A for a list of MIDI cc’s that are assignable.  Note that we have expanded on the standard MIDI CC list.  This is 
to include other useful MIDI messages such as NRPN messages, GM/GM2 Sys Ex and even some CC’s that define how the controller 
should operate.  This simplifies programming such messages which are often complicated to program on other devices.

Global Channel
The Global Channel function changes the MIDI channel assigned to the keyboard. Your Oxygen controller will transmit on any of the 
standard 16 MIDI channels. The Global MIDI Channel will affect the channel on which program changes, bank changes, and any 
controllers set to respond to the global channel will transmit. 

To set the Global Channel:
1.    Press the Advanced Function button
2.   Press the Global Channel key.
3    Enter the MIDI channel number on the key bed. 
4    Press the Enter key.

When engaging the Global Channel function, the LED screen will display the “c” symbol, and the last selected channel.

Note that it is also possible to set the Data keys to control the Global Channel. To do this:
1.  Press the Select Function button until the dot above Glob Chan is lit.  
2.  Use the - and + Data buttons to decrement/increment the Global Channel.

Channel Assign
The Channel Assign function assigns a channel to an individual MIDI controller.

1.  Press the Advanced button and then the Channel Assign key.  
2.  Enter the MIDI channel number using the data entry keys.
3.  Then press the Enter key.

When assigned to channel 00, the controller will transmit on the Global Channel.

When engaging the Channel Assign function, the LED screen will display the “c” symbol, and the last selected channel.

Note: When a controller is assigned to send SysEx messages, the individual control channel number defines a Device ID and not a 
transmit channel.  Please see Appendix A to find out which of the extra MIDI CC numbers determine that the control should send a 
SysEx message.

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