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M-Audio Door User's Manual - OXYGEN SERIES OXYGEN 8 V2.
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Oxygen Keyboard Line User Guide



Back Panel Descriptions

1.  DC Power Supply Port: 

For connection of a 12V DC 250-300mA power supply. (The power supply is an optional accessory and is not included in the 

2.  USB 1.1 Port:

USB 1.1 upstream (Type B) port 

3.  MIDI Output:

The  external  MIDI  Out  port  is  used  to  connect  external  MIDI  devices  such  as  sound  modules,  hardware  sequencers,  and 
synthesizers.  The port will accept a standard 5 pin DIN-type connector.

4.  Sustain Pedal Input:

The Sustain Pedal input accepts a 1⁄4” TR jack plug.  It is located on the rear or back panel as shown in the illustration. The sustain 
pedal controls the hold length of any note played on the keyboard. However, the pedal is fully programmable and can be used 
to control other effects.
•   The polarity of the sustain pedal is determined when you power up your Oxygen controller. The state at power up is assumed 

to be off. If the pedal is not pressed at power up, the pedal will be on when pressed, and off when released.   

•   The sustain pedal is an optional accessory and is not included in the package.

5.  On/Off Switch: 

The power switch on the rear of the product will function in a simple on or off mode. When the unit is on, it is powered by either 
the external supply or USB bus power.  

6.  Kensington Lock Hole:

This connector is compatible with Kensington® security cables to protect your device from theft.

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