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M-Audio Door User's Manual - OXYGEN SERIES OXYGEN 8 V2.
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3.  Octave +/- and Transpose Buttons: 

The Octave buttons allow you to shift the octave of the keyboard up or down to extend the range of the key bed.
The  left  button  is  for  the  Octave  down  function,  and  the  right  button  is  for  the  Octave  up  function.  The  top  to  bottom  range 
available via the Octave up and down function is 11 octaves.
  1.   Press Octave + one time for each up octave shift on the keyboard
  2.   Press Octave – one time for each down octave shift on the keyboard

Transpose is a secondary function of the Octave buttons. The Transpose function allows a pitch transposition up or down 12 
steps. To activate the Transpose function, press both Octave up and down buttons simultaneously and then use the up and down 
buttons to adjust transposition by one semitone.
  1.   Press Octave + and Octave – together.
  2.   Press Octave + one time for each semi tone you want to transpose up.
  3.   Press Octave – one time for each semi tone you want to transpose down.

4.  LED Screen:

The  LED  is  a  standard  3-segment  LED  display.  The  display  provides  feedback  while  you  are  programming  various  MIDI 

5.  Function Buttons:

There are 7 function buttons on the 49 and 61-Note and 5 on 25-Note. The Function buttons are used for on the fly programming. 
The Advanced button is used to access the advanced programming functions on the keybed. 

6.  9 Assignable MIDI Sliders (49- and 61- Note Only): 

The Oxygen 49 and 61 have 9 assignable sliders that are fully programmable.  Additionally, each fader can be assigned to an 
individual MIDI channel.

7.  9 Assignable MIDI Buttons (49- and 61- Note Only):

The Oxygen 49 and 61 have 9 assignable buttons that are fully programmable.  Additionally, each button can be assigned to an 
individual MIDI channel.  

8.  8 Assignable MIDI Knobs:

The Oxygen keyboards have 8 assignable knobs that are fully programmable. Additionally, each knob can be assigned to an 
individual MIDI channel.

9.  6 Assignable Transport Buttons:

The  Oxygen  keyboards  have  6  fully  assignable  Transport  buttons  that  send  MIDI  controller  data  on  any  MIDI  channel.  Each 
Transport button is fully programmable.  Additionally, each button can be assigned to an individual MIDI channel.   

10. Velocity-sensitive Keyboard:

The product’s key bed is velocity sensitive. 

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