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M-Audio Door User's Manual - OXYGEN SERIES OXYGEN 8 V2.
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Memory Dump
The Memory Dump function sends out a Sys Ex memory dump from your Oxygen keyboard. The memory dump will send out Sys Ex 
data for the 10 preset memories on the Oxygen line to allow for storing the memories in external software.

1.  Press the Advanced Function button. 
2.  Press the Memory Dump key.  

A stored Memory Dump can be played back to the Oxygen, and it will automatically read the preset settings from the file.

The Memory Dump is standard memory data.  This means it is possible to store a memory dump by putting your sequencer into 
record mode and simply sending the Memory Dump to your sequencer.

The Store function saves a preset memory. After making changes to the MIDI controllers, save the changes to one of the 10 preset 
memories by selecting that memory and pressing the Store button.

To save a preset:
1.   Press the Advanced Function button
2.  Press the Store key, the last selected memory number will display
3.  Type in the number of the memory to store settings, and press Enter to save the changes.

All Store operations will delete the previous memory contents and replace with new ones. Please note that the factory presets are 
stored in the product’s ROM and can therefore be restored at any time.

The factory settings are recalled by holding down the - and + Data buttons on power up.

Enter Key
The Enter key puts changes into effect when programming the keyboard. Press the Enter key after you have made a parameter 
change with one of the function keys on the key bed. After  the Enter key is pressed, Advanced Function mode will exit and the three 
dots in the LED display will turn off.  

Cancel Key
The Cancel function allows you to exit Edit mode while you are editing some data, without altering the previous data setting for the 
parameter you are editing.  So if you make a mistake during editing and don’t want to alter the previous setting, just press the Cancel 

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