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Line 6 Audio Owner's Manual - Spider IV 75.
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Welcome  to  the  Spider  IV  Advanced  Guide.  This  guide  contains  in-depth  details  of 

Spider IV’s features and functionality that were not covered in the Pilot’s Handbook.   

Spider IV is the next generation guitar amp from the Spider family.  It features Line 6’s 

most advanced amp modeling to date in a compact, affordable combo or head.  Here’s an 

overview of some of the new features Line 6 built into the Spider IV to take it to the next 



•  16 Amp models, including 4 new mid-gain models based on legendary amps
•  New Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide FX with 28 pre-programmed settings
•  18 FX models via 3 Smart FX knobs, with customizable primary & secondary FX 
•  2 Reverb models with a dedicated Mix control on the Spider IV front panel 
•  A new Edit Mode enables deep editing of all Smart FX and Reverb parameters
•  Adjustable pre & post Boost plus 2 new noise gate models (Gate+NR)
•  Quick Loop feature, with 14 seconds of loop recording & overdubbing
•  Updatable firmware — a new MIDI pipe via FBV MkII enables flash memory updates
•  New power amp & speaker cab design for clean to mean sonic delivery
•  New LCD display with Momentary Modes, giving you instant parameter feedback
•  Time-based Delay and Mod FX
•  Over 500 Artist-designed & Song-based Presets plus 64 User Preset locations
•  FBV Pedal Control with an optional FBV Shortboard MkII or FBV Express MkII
•  CD/MP3 Input for jamming with tracks or your favorite drum machine
•  Stereo Headphones/Direct Output for monitoring or recording direct

To get started, let’s check out the Front Panel Controls.