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LG Headphones User's Manual - HBS-730.
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NOTE:  If your handset does not support voice dialing, this action may activate Last 

Number Redial.

Last Number Redial

-  Press and hold the CALL button for 1 second to activate “Last Number Redial”. 

The headset will beep and then call the last number dialed.

Ending a Call

- Briefly press the CALL button.
Call Waiting

-  Answer a second call without hanging up the first call by pressing the CALL button 

for 1 second. Press the CALL button for 1 second to return to the original call.

- Briefly press the CALL button to terminate both calls at once.
Rejecting a Call

-  Activate call reject by pressing the CALL button for 1 second when the handset rings.

*  These functions may only be used if your handset supports them. For further 

information about using these features, please consult your handset’s user manual.

Mic Mute

-  Press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously for 1 

second to mute/unmute the Mic during conversation.

SMS Reader

The HBS-730 Bluetooth headset supports SMS reading on Android TM based devices.

In Google Play™ Store search for the LG ‘BT Reader’ application and install on your 

device to use this function.

*  The 2D barcode shown below helps you download the LG ‘BT Reader’ application 

from Google Play™ Store. Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.


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