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LG Headphones User's Manual - HBS-730.
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How to Use

Volume Control

- Press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button to adjust the speaker volume.

- There are eight levels of speaker volume in Hands-Free mode.

- There are eight levels of speaker volume in Audio Streaming mode.


-  HBS-730 features aptX® technology that ensures audio content transmitted over 

Bluetooth is instant and crystal-clear. 

-   aptX®  is automatically enabled as long as the source device supports it.


Answering a Call

- When there is an incoming call, the headset will ring and vibrate.

- Briefly press the VOLUME DOWN button to stop vibration.

- Briefly press the CALL button to answer the incoming call.
Transferring a Call 

- If you make a call from the handset, the call will (depending on the phone settings) 

automatically transfer to the headset. If the call is not automatically transferred, you can 

manually transfer the call to, or from, the headset by pressing and holding VOLUME 

UP button for 3 seconds on the HBS-730 (handset and headset must be paired).

Voice Dialing

-  Briefly press the CALL button to activate “Voice Command”. For best results, 

record the voice dialing tag through your headset. 


-  While playing music, press and hold VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons 

simultaneously for 1 second to switch between EQ’s (Bass Boost(Default) g 

Normal g Treble Boost). The headset will play an audible alert.

-  EQ is not changed if your handset supports aptX® codec and is enabled.

-  The bass coming from the speakers can vary as a result of the size of the Earbud 

that is being used.

Fast Forward

- Press and hold the FF button.

- Press and hold the REW button.