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LG Headphones User's Manual - HBS-730.
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Auto Reconnect

-  If the HBS-730 is turned off (either accidentally or intentionally) while connected to 

a handset, the headset and handset will disconnect. The headset and handset will 

automatically reconnect when the HBS-730 is turned back on while in range.

Out of Range

-  If the paired devices are separated by a range of 33 feet (10 meters) or more, the 

headset and handset will disconnect and HBS730 will vibrate to alert.

-  If the headset and handset do not automatically reconnect when they are back 

within the required range, briefly press the CALL button on the HBS-730 to 

reconnect manually.

Audio Streaming


- Briefly press the PLAY/PAUSE/STOP Button.

- While playing music, briefly press the PLAY/PAUSE/STOP button.

-  While playing music, press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE/STOP button for 1 second.
Next song

- Briefly press the FF button.
Previous song

- Briefly press the REW button.

Calling Function

-  Voice Dialing and Last Number Redial features work with the primary handset (or 

handset which made the last outgoing call).

Call Waiting

-  While speaking on an active call, press the call button for 1 second to switch to 

an incoming call.

- To switch between 2 active calls, press the call button for 1 second.

- To end both calls briefly press the call button.

-  If both handsets are receiving an incoming call, the headset will default to the 

primary device.

How to Use