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LG Headphones User's Manual - HBS-730.
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• The LED indicator will be solid blue.

c)  On the device you wish to pair, find the Bluetooth menu and “search for” or 

“add” new devices.

d) Select “LG HBS-730” from the list of devices.
e) If asked for a Pass/Pin Code enter 0000 (4 Zeros).
f)  Once the devices are paired, you will hear “headset paired”. 

• The HBS-730 will automatically turn off if not paired within 3 minutes.

2) Manual Pairing (pairing with another phone or re-pairing)

a)  With the power off, press the CALL button and slide the power switch to the 

‘ON’ position at the same time for 1 second.

b)  When the headset enters Pairing Mode, the LED indicator will show a solid 

blue light. After the procedure repeat Easy Pairing steps c) through “f”.

How to Use


Advanced Multipoint

The HBS-730 is capable of having two devices connected to the headset at the 

same time. This will give you the freedom of using call waiting between calls on 

both of your connected phones.

-  Pair the headset with one of your Bluetooth-enabled handsets. (per the pairing 

instructions on page 6).

- Turn off the headset.

-  With the power off, press the CALL button and slide the power switch to the ‘ON’ 

position at the same time for 2 seconds to enter Manual Pairing mode.

-  Now, pair and connect the headset with your other Bluetooth-enabled handset. 

(this will be your primary handset).

-  Once this handset is paired and connected, go back and connect the originally 

paired handset to the headset. This will now be your secondary handset.

*  NOTE: When the HBS-730 is connected to two handsets at the same 

time(Multipoint), the headset calling functions will work with the primary handset.

*  NOTE: In case of failure to connect to the primary phone through Easy Pairing, 

HBS-730 will enter pairing mode.