Kidde Firex 2650-560,2650-561 English MA2650 Owner's Manual

Kidde Misc Electronics Owner's Manual - Firex 2650-560,2650-561 English MA2650.
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The Firex Series Duct Smoke Detectors provide early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through an HVAC
duct in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

These devices are designed to prevent the recirculation of smoke in areas by the air handling systems, fans and blowers.  Complete systems
may be shut down in the event of smoke detection.

For the correct installation of a duct smoke unit, please refer to the NFPA 72E (Standard for Automatic Fire Detectors), NFPA 90A (Standard for
Installation of Air Condition and Ventilation Systems) and NFPA 92A (Recommended practice for smoke control systems.)

This detector is not intended for open area protection nor should it be used for early warning detection or replace a regular fire detection system.

Maple chase provides a special U.L. 50 listed, NEMA 3R rated weatherproof enclosure separately (Model 0590) which should be used in
appropriate outdoor applications for protection from the elements.  Other installations above the roof line (attics, banjo type roofs, etc.) do not
require our special Model 0590 weatherproof enclosure as long as the Maple Chase duct smoke detectors are not exposed to dripping water or
other environmental  elements.  Our Model 0590 weatherproof enclosure should be used in all applications where environmental elements are
a concern or local code requires a weatherproof enclosure for proper installation.  All installations of our duct smoke detectors and weatherproof
enclosures should be done in accordance with all applicable electrical and building codes.

The Firex Smoke Detector is fitted with a mounting base that will accept an Apollo Ionization Model # 55000 - 250 or Photoelectric Detector
Head Model # 55000 - 350.  The duct unit supports 2 sets of Form “C” Alarm Contacts and 1 form “C” Trouble Contact. The trouble contact
supervises the presence of the input power and removal of the detector head. 


The trouble contact will not operate in the event of a smoke alarm.

The Firex Duct Detector models 2650-560 and 2650-561 will operate on one of the following input voltage sources: 24V.A.C., 24V.D.C., 115V.A.C
and 230V.A.C..

The duct smoke detector units are designed to operate in duct widths from 12 inches to 10 feet wide with an air velocity between 300 and 4000
feet per minute.  To verify correct installation, the pressure differential between the input and exhaust tubes should be 
measured using a Magnehelic pressure gauge or equivalent.  An acceptable reading must be between 0.01 and 1.2 inches of water.

For a Smoke Duct Detector unit to operate correctly, it must be installed 6 duct widths from any obstruction i.e. elbows, deflector plates, filters,
dampers, etc.  In situations where the criteria cannot be met, deviations are acceptable providing they meet the pressure differential

The principal of operation of a duct detector is based on the Venturi effect.  Two tubes extend into the HVAC duct.  Air flowing through the duct
is forced into the air intake tube via the air intake holes, and passes over the detector head.  The air will be drawn out via the exhaust tube back
into the HVAC duct.  (7” exhaust tube provided in the installation kit.)

When the particles of smoke suspended in the air stream reach the alarm threshold of the detector head, the unit will go into alarm.

Audible and visual alarm indicators, remote status indicators and remote reset/test switches can be accommodated by the 
Firex Duct units by connecting to the D.C. voltage output terminals 16 to 20 (see page 6 for details).  These terminals are not supervised and
the current will only be present when the detector unit is in alarm.  The remote pilot led will be permanently illuminated when connected to the
output terminals.

MODEL 2650-560 Ionization
MODEL 2650-561 Photoelectric




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