Keurig Vue V 1255 Brewer Quick Guide

Keurig Brewers Quick Guide - Vue V 1255 Brewer.
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Keurig® Vue™ V1255 Brewer 

Quick Start Guide


A  Remove all adhesive 

tape and the Touchscreen 
label. Plug into grounded 

B  Careful y remove Water 

Reservoir Lid. Remove 
Water Reservoir by lifting 
 up and away from 
the Brewer.

C  Rinse Water Reservoir 

with fresh water, return 
Reservoir to Brewer and 
fill to the max fill line with 
water. Bottled or filtered 
water is recommended.

Step 1 Prepare Water Reservoir

The Keurig® Vue™ Brewer is not for use with K-Cup® packs.

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