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Brewing Iced Beverages

Your iced tea and iced coffee taste best when fresh-brewed hot over ice. 
Try it by placing a tall cup filled with ice on the Drip Tray Plate (the Drip 
Tray Assembly can be removed to accommodate taller cups), choose your 
favorite K-Cup® pack and press your preferred brew size. Also, look for the 
Brew Over Ice icon on K-Cup® packs that are specially crafted to brew 
over ice! IMPORTANT: Do not brew into a cup made of glass. Doing so may 
cause the glass to crack or break.

Brewing hot Water

Your brewer is able to produce hot water for making hot cocoa in a packet, 
for use in cooking, for making soups, etc. Simply raise and lower the Handle 
on the brewer without adding a K-Cup® pack. The blue Brew Buttons will 
flash. Be sure to have a mug or cup on the Drip Tray Plate and then press a 
Brew Button. NOTE: After brewing a hot cocoa K-Cup® pack, we recommend 
running a cleansing brew without a K-Cup® pack.

Purging the Brewer

If your brewer has not been used for more than one week, you should purge 
the water from the internal tank.


  If there is water in the Water Reservoir, remove the Lid, then lift Reservoir 

straight up and away from brewer. Discard water, rinse and refill with 
water. Place the Water Reservoir back on the brewer and replace the 
Lid. (If there is no water in Reservoir, simply refill.)


  Be sure the brewer is turned on. Lift and lower the Handle on the brewer 

without inserting a K-Cup® pack and wait until the red Heating Light 
turns off.


  The blue Brew Buttons will flash. Be sure to have a mug or cup on the 

Drip Tray Plate and then press a Brew Button.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times to completely purge water 
from internal tank.

If you are experiencing any problems with your brewer, please contact 
Customer Service at 1.866.901.BREW (2739).