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Keurig Coffee Makers Owner's Manual - Elite .
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 The red Heating Light may be illuminated as the water is heated for the 

next brew cycle. The brewer will be ready for use in approximately 15 
seconds. NOTE: During this period, your brewer will prepare for the next 
brew. The pump may make a vibrating sound. This is normal.

Stopping the Brew Process

If you need to stop the brewing after the process has started, press the 
Power Button to turn the brewer off. The flow of coffee, tea or hot cocoa 
will stop, the heating element will shut off and the green Power Light will turn 
off. NOTE: You may get less coffee, tea or hot cocoa in your cup during your next 
brew. We recommend that you perform a cleansing brew after a terminated 
brew. Then your NEXT brew will be the proper volume.

Ready to Brew Your First Cup  (Continued)

SECTION 1 Set-Up & First Brew

adding Water

The blue Add Water Light will illuminate when the 
water level in the Water Reservoir is low or if the 
Water Reservoir has been removed (fig. 6). The 
brewer will not allow you to brew when the blue Add 
Water Light is illuminated.
The Water Reservoir can be filled in two ways. 


Remove the Water Reservoir Lid and pour water 
directly into the Water Reservoir while it is still 
attached to the brewer. Fill with water to and not 
beyond the MAX FILL line. Replace the lid.


  Remove the Water Reservoir from brewer by 

first removing the Lid from the Water Reservoir, 
then lifting the Water Reservoir straight up and 
away from brewer. Fill with water to and not 
beyond the MAX FILL line. Place the Water 
Reservoir back on the brewer and replace the 
Lid. IMPORTANT: Do not remove the Water 
Reservoir during the brewing process.