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Keurig Coffee Makers Owner's Manual - Elite .
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helpful hints 
  1.  Plug brewer into its own grounded outlet. 

If the electric circuit is overloaded with other 

appliances, your brewer may not function 

properly. The brewer should be operated on 

its own circuit, separate from other appliances.

  2.  Keep your brewer turned “ON.” 

To brew a fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa 

anytime you want, keep your brewer turned 

“ON” all the time. However, you can set the 

brewer to automatically turn off two hours after 

your last brew. Follow the simple instructions 

on page 10 to make using the brewer convenient 

for you.

  3.  For the best tasting gourmet coffee, tea or 

hot cocoa, Keurig recommends using bottled 

or filtered water. 

Water quality varies from place to place. 

If you notice an undesirable taste in your 

cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa (such as chlorine 

or other mineral tastes) we recommend you 

consider using bottled water or water from a 

filtration system. For best results, carefully 

follow manufacturer’s instructions when using 

any water filtration system. 

  4.  Customize the size, flavor & brew that’s 

perfect for you. 

With the choice of over 200 varieties of K-Cup® 

packs and 3 brew sizes (Small Cup-5.25 oz., 

Small Mug-7.25 oz. and Large Mug-9.25 oz.), 

your Keurig® brewer gives you endless options 

to customize the size, flavor and brew that’s 

perfect for you. For a strong, intense cup, select 

an Extra Bold K-Cup® pack (with up to 30% 

more ground coffee than regular varieties) and 

brew size that’s right for you. The smaller the 

brew size, the more intense flavor in your cup. 

The larger the brew size, the less intense flavor 

in your cup. 

  5.  Remove K-Cup® pack after use. 

Please see page 7 for brewing instructions. 

  6.  Brewing into a travel mug. 

To brew into a travel mug, simply remove the 

Drip Tray Assembly and place the travel mug 

on the Drip Tray Base.

  7.  De-scale brewer regularly. 

Please see pages 11 and 12 for instructions.

unpacking Instructions

  Place brewer box on a large steady surface 

(such as a table or countertop) or on the floor. 

Open the box.


  Remove enclosed literature.


Turn the box on its side with front of box 

face down.


Reach into the box and grasp the plastic 

bag that contains the brewer.


Carefully pull the plastic bag (and packaging 

materials) toward you and out of the box. The 

brewer will still be encased in the polyfoam 

and be on its side.


Remove the top polyfoam packaging material.


Carefully lift brewer off of the bottom polyfoam 

and place it upright on a flat, steady surface.


Lift plastic bag off of brewer.


Record the serial number for this brewer on 

page 3 of this guide. The serial number can be 

found on the bottom of the brewer box or on the 

brewer behind the Drip Tray (when removed).


Place the brewer upright on a flat, steady 

surface. Remove tape holding Water Reservoir 

in place. 

We recommend you save all packing materials in 

case future shipping of the product is necessary.


Keep all plastic bags away 

from children.