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 2. Cleaning the Funnel —

The Funnel can be 

removed from the K-Cup® Pack Holder by 
pulling on it until it pops off (fig. 9). The Funnel 
is dishwasher safe. To replace it, just snap it 
back onto the K-Cup® Pack Holder Assembly.

 3. Cleaning the Exit Needle —

The Exit Needle is 

located on the inside bottom of the K-Cup® Pack 
Holder Assembly. Should a clog arise due to 

coffee grinds, it can be cleaned using a paper 
clip or similar tool. Remove K-Cup® Pack Holder 
Assembly and detach Funnel. Insert the paper 
clip (fig. 9) into the Exit Needle to loosen the clog 
and push it out. The K-Cup® Pack Holder is 
dishwasher safe. CAUTION: There are sharp 

needles that puncture the K-Cup® pack above the 
K-Cup® Pack Holder and in the bottom of the K-Cup® 
Pack Holder. To avoid risk of injury, do not put your 
fingers in the K-Cup® Pack Assembly Housing.

cleaning the Water reservoir & Water reservoir Lid

The Water Reservoir Lid and Water Reservoir should be periodically 

inspected and cleaned.

The Water Reservoir Lid or Water Reservoir should not be put into the 

dishwasher. They should be cleaned with a damp, soapy, non-abrasive 

cloth and rinsed thoroughly. Do not dry the inside of the Water Reservoir 

with a cloth as lint may remain. 

To clean the filter screen at the base of your Water Reservoir, empty 

the Water Reservoir and follow one or all of the following procedures. 
NOTE: If you are using a water filter inside the Water Reservoir, remove 
it before cleaning.


Rinse the filter screen with the strong force of water from your faucet. 


If you have a sprayer, aim the water spray at the filter screen. 


Fill the Water Reservoir with approximately two inches of clean water and 

agitate (shake) the Water Reservoir.

Empty the Water Reservoir then fill it with clean water and return it to the 

brewer. If needed, repeat above procedures. CAUTION: Please rinse the  
Water Reservoir thoroughly after cleaning. This will ensure that no cleaners or 

cleaning solutions remain in this area as they may contaminate the water 
supply in the brewer.

De-Scaling Your Brewer
Mineral content in water varies from place to place. Depending on the mineral 

content of the water in your area, calcium deposits or scale may build up in 

your brewer. Scale is non-toxic, but left unattended, it can hinder brewer 

performance. De-scaling your brewer helps 

maintain the heating element, and other internal 

parts of the brewer that come in contact with 


The brewer should be de-scaled every 3-6 

months to ensure optimal performance. It is 

possible for calcium deposits to build up faster, 

making it necessary to de-scale more often.

You should promptly de-scale if the red Descale 

Light is illuminated (fig. 10). However, even if the 

red Descale Light is not illuminated you should 

continue to de-scale your brewer every 3-6 

Properly follow the de-scaling procedure 

described on page 12.