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Keurig Coffee Makers User's Manual - Elite B40.
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possible for calcium deposits to build up faster,
making it necessary to de-scale more often.

This Brewer is equipped with sensors to detect
when scale buildup is interfering with the 
performance of the Brewer. When this is
detected, the red light next to 'DE-SCALE' will
be illuminated.

You should promptly de-scale using the proce-
dures outlined below once the 'DE-SCALE' light
illuminates on the LED Control Center.


Step 1: Make sure you have at least 48
ounces of undiluted white vinegar on hand.
You will also need an empty sink and a
ceramic cup (do not use a paper cup.) 

Step 2: Empty the water in the Water


Step 1: Pour the vinegar into the Water
Reservoir and fill it to the line just below the
top edge of the clear viewing area.

Step 2: Place a ceramic cup in the Drip Tray
and run a brew cycle. DO NOT USE A K-CUP®
portion pack 
just press the Brew Button.

Pour the contents of the cup into the sink.

Step 3: Repeat the brew process until the
Water Reservoir is empty, pouring the 
contents of the cup into the sink after each
cycle. Remember to open and close the lid
between each cycle so the green Brew light
will flash.

Step 4: Rinse the Water Reservoir thoroughly
and fill with fresh water.

Step 5: Now let the Brewer stand for 4
hours while still on.


Step 1: Ensure the Water Reservoir is filled
with fresh water.

Step 2: Place a ceramic cup on the Drip Tray
and run a regular brew cycle without using a
K-Cup. Pour the contents of the cup into the

Step 3: Repeat brew process until the Water
Reservoir is empty. 

Step 4: You may need to perform additional
rinse cycles if you notice any residual taste.

Empty the Water Reservoir before storing and
take care to ensure that you store your Brewer 
in a safe and frost free environment. Please be
sure to store your Brewer in its upright position
to avoid water leakage from the inner tank. If you
store the Brewer in a cold environment, you run
the risk of water freezing inside the Brewer and
causing damage. When you prepare to use it
after storage, we recommend rinsing the Water
Reservoir with fresh water and running three
cleansing brews without a K-Cup.

If you plan to move your Brewer to a different 
location, turn the Brewer off, unplug it and
empty the Water Reservoir. If your Brewer has
been in an environment below freezing, please
be sure to let it warm to room temperature for
2 hours before using.

NOTE: If the red 'DE-SCALE' light is still
illuminated on the LED Control Center after
completing the procedure, repeat the de-
scaling procedure above.

NOTE: The Brewer will continue to function even
when the red 'DE-SCALE' light is illuminated.
However, if you do not de-scale soon after it is
displayed, continued scale build-up could
damage the Brewer. 
If this occurs, the red light
next to 'DE-SCALE will begin to blink to alert you
to the potential damage to the Brewer if you do
not de-scale immediately.



Brewer will not brew 
when used for the 
first time

• Plug Brewer into an independent outlet.
• Check to be sure that it is plugged in securely. 
• Plug into a different outlet. 
• Reset circuit breaker if necessary.
• Make sure that the Power Button has been turned on and the power

light is illuminated. 

• The Brewer must be primed for use by filling the internal hot water

tank before the first brew. The red light next to 'DE-SCALE' on the
LED Control Center will flash. (refer to page 6)

• If Brewer is cold/frozen, wait for two hours for it to reach room 

temperature before powering on.

Brewer will not brew 

• After placing the K-Cup


portion pack in the K-Cup Holder, make sure

that the Handle is pushed down securely and the green light above
the Brew Button on the LED Control Center is flashing.

• If the blue light next to 'ADD WATER' on the LED Control Center is

illuminated, add water to Water Reservoir or make sure the Water
Reservoir is seated properly in its base.

• If the blue light next to 'ADD WATER' on the LED Control Center con-

tinues to be on even after refilling, contact Customer Service at 
1-866-901-BREW (2739).

Brewing a partial cup

• The Exit Needle may be clogged. (refer to page 9).
• Clean K-Cup Holder if necessary and rinse under faucet. (refer to page 9).
• The Water Reservoir may have been removed during brewing.

Replace the Water Reservoir and perform a cleansing brew.

• If the red 'DE-SCALE' light is illuminated, descale the Brewer (refer to

page 9).

• If you have repeated the descale procedure on your Brewer two times 

and the light is still on, contact Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW

Brewer Does Not 
Have Power

If any problems persist, contact Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW (2739).

My brewer shuts off

• Check to make sure that the Auto Off Timer feature has not been set.

If the green light next to 'AUTO OFF' on the LED Control Center is illu-
minated, press the black button to turn off the Auto Off Timer feature.