Jacuzzi BK37 User's Manual

Jacuzzi Indoor Furnishing User's Manual - BK37.
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era™ elongated PerfectHeight™ complete toilet set

era™ toilet bowl and tank

model number: BK37


28" L x 16³/8" W x 32¼" H

bowl height: 

16½" PerfectHeight™


elongated front

Era™ Elongated PerfectHeight™ toilet 

bowl and tank with Jacuzzi® Propulsion™ 

Flushing System for superior waste 

removal and minimal clogging.

Classic and versatile, the Era™ toilet features 

Jacuzzi Propulsion™ Advanced Flushing 

System with a 3” flush valve for greater 

flushing power.

•  Jacuzzi® Propulsion™ Advanced Flushing 
     System for exceptional flushing
     and reliability :

– 3” flush valve provides improved flushing 

power to standard 2” flush valves.

– 2 1/8” fully glazed trapway helps  

reduce clogging.

– Powerful rim jets offers better bowl cleansing.
– Siphon jet assists in the complete removal 

of waste.

– Pilot fil  valve for consistent and quiet refil s.

•  Ergonomic, 16.5” PerfectHeight™ elongated
     bowl for greater comfort.
•  Classic design to complement traditional to 

modern décor.

•  Complete toilet set comes with everything 

you need for easy instal ation: 
Toilet, seat, wax ring kit and brass hardware.

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