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iSimple Automobile Accessories User's Manual - ISTY651.
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7.   Troubleshooting




Radio shows “DEV 

Connect device is 

This only occurs the first time the 

Connect is powered on or after it has 
been reset. It may take up to one 
minute for the device to initialize. Once 
this process is over you can begin 
Connect operation.

Radio shows iPod 
not connected

iPod cable is not 
connected to iPod or 
Connect; the iPhone 
is not paired via 

Verify the USB docking cable is 
plugged into the Connect and the 
iPod. If you are using Bluetooth mode 
make sure that the device is paired 
with the Connect.

I don’t see iPod, 
iPhone, or iPad 
artist or song 
information on the 

You are in Bluetooth 

Switch to IPODBT mode using the 
mode select menu.

USB Device is not 

Device must be 
formatted to FAT32

Use a PC to format device to FAT32

Phone is not 
recognized as a 
USB device

Phone is not set to 
disk drive mode or 
does not support 
the mass storage 

Disconnect and reconnect the phone. 
Immediately set the phone to disk 
drive mode when prompted. If the 
phone does not give you a disk drive 
mode option, this means that it does 
not support the mass storage protocol. 
These devices can only be used 
through the Bluetooth or auxiliary 

My tablet will not 
stay connected via 

The tablet does not 
support the hands 

free profile (HFP) 

hands free profile

The connect requires that the paired 

device support the hands free profile 

(HFP). If your tablet does not support 
this type of connection it can only be 
used through USB or auxiliary mode.

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