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iSimple Automobile Accessories User's Manual - ISTY651.
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9. Menu - Allows you to adjust settings such as phone volume, streaming 
    audio volume (A2DP), microphone volume, search for other Bluetooth 
    devices, pair/ remove devices & reset the interface. See below for menu 
    functions and operation.

In order to access the Voicedial, Call History, Call Last Number & Menu 
functions, the factory radio MUST be in Bluetooth mode. 

Menu Functions

Accessing the Bluetooth Menu
While in Bluetooth mode press PRESET 3 to enter the menu. Once in the menu 
you can use the TUNE KNOB or the TUNE buttons to scroll through the options. 
Press PRESET 3 while in the menu to select the displayed option.

1. Settings - Allows you to perform a search for other Bluetooth enabled 
    devices, adjust the phone volume and adjust the microphone volume.

2. Device - Allows you to see if a device is paired and the name of the paired 
    device. Allows you to connect and disconnect with paired devices as well as 
    permanently delete paired devices. 

Menu Function Example: Adjusting the Microphone

>Press PRESET 3 while in Bluetooth mode to enter the menu.
>Radio displays “Settings”.
>Press PRESET 3 to select Settings.
>Radio displays “BT Search”.
>Turn the TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP button until “Mic Volume” is 
>Press PRESET 3 repeatedly to adjsut the microphone volume. Once 
   the volume has reached its max limit it will roll back to one and begin to 
   go up again.

A2DP Streaming Audio

A2DP Streaming Audio allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your device.To 
stream audio to your radio you must be in Bluetooth mode.

1. Play/Pause - Allows you to play/pause A2DP audio with the touch of a 
    button. Press PRESET 2 to play/pause whatever music source is selected.

2. Track Forward/Back - Allows you to change tracks while streaming 
    audio. Turn the TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE buttons to change tracks.
6. Updating the Interface

Please visit for all updating 

instructions and up to date firmware files.

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