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iSimple Automobile Accessories User's Manual - ISTY651.
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5.Bluetooth Operation
IMPORTANT NOTE: The radio MUST be in factory satellite (2010+ vehicles only) 
or a Connect source (USB, iPod, AUX etc) in order for the Bluetooth handsfree 
to function. If you switch to AM, FM or CD mode the Bluetooth will automatically 
disconnect from your phone and you must use the handset. 

Pair Your Phone

To use your phone with the Connect you must first pair it. Enter your phone’s 
Bluetooth menu and search for a new device. It should discover the device 
named “iSimple Connect”. If prompted for a PIN code enter 0000, otherwise just 
select “Pair”.

Selecting Bluetooth Mode
Press the  AM-SAT or SAT button to enter satellite radio mode. Immediately turn 
the rotary TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP button to scroll through available 
sources. Once “BT” is displayed, press PRESET 6 to select the displayed mode.

Bluetooth Functions & Controls

1. Answer/End Call - Allows you to make, recieve & end phone calls 
    directly from the factory radio. Press PRESET 1 to answer/end a call.

2. Call Waiting - Allows you to receive a call while on another call. Press 
    PRESET 1 while in a call to answer a third party call. You can then use 
    PRESET 1 to switch between the callers. Press and HOLD PRESET 1 
    to end third party calls.

3. Privacy Mode - Allows you to transfer the audio from the vehicle 
    speakers to the handset. Press PRESET 2 while in a call to switch 
    to privacy mode. 

4. Reject Call - Allows you to reject any incoming call. Press PRESET 2 
    to reject an incoming call.

5. Voicedial - Activates the phone’s voicedial feature. Press PRESET 6 while in 
    Bluetooth mode to activate voicedial.

6. Call History - Allows you to scroll through a list of the most recent 
    incoming calls to your phone. Turn the TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP 
    button while in Bluetooth mode to scroll through a list of your previous 
    incoming calls. 

7. Call Last # - Allows you to call the last incoming number to your 
    phone. Press PRESET 1 while in Bluetooth mode to call the last 
    incoming number to your phone.

8. In Call Volume Adjust -  Allows you to adjust the volume output of the 
    interface while in a call. Turn the TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP button 
    while in a call to adjust the volume. 

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