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iSimple Automobile Accessories User's Manual - ISTY651.
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1.  iPod, iPhone or iPad Operation
The iSimple Connect allows you to use either USB input or Bluetooth for iPod, iPhone 
or iPad operation (Bluetooth mode is only supported by iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad)

Entering Mode Select Menu
Press the  AM-SAT or SAT button to enter satellite radio mode. Immediately turn 
the rotary TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP button to scroll through available 
sources. Once “IPODUSB” or “IPODBT” is displayed, press PRESET 6 to select 
the displayed mode.

Next Track
Turn the rotary TUNE KNOB clockwise one notch or press the TUNE UP button to 
advance to the next track.

Previous Track
Turn the rotary TUNE KNOB counter-clockwise one notch or press the TUNE DOWN 
button to move back to the previous track.

Fast Forward
Press PRESET 2 to fast forward the song that is playing. Press PRESET 2  
again to resume play.

Press PRESET 1 to rewind the song that is playing. Press PRESET 1 again to 
resume play.

Entering Browse Menu / Select
Press PRESET 3 to enter the browse menu or to make a selection while in the 
browse menu.

Menu UP
Press PRESET 4 to move back one step in the browse menu.

Exit Browse menu
After 10 seconds on inactivity, the browse menu will exit automatically.

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