HP c3700 Workstation User's Manual

HP Workstations User's Manual - c3700 Workstation.
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Hewlett-Packard Company
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Fort Collins, Colorado 80528

Pub. No. A7853-90010

Read Before Installing

A785xA CD-RW Drive in B-, C- and J-Class HP-UX Workstations

For a tutorial on creating CD-RW masters on HP-UX systems, refer to the

 file on the CD-RW software media.

Supported Features. This product (and associated software) is intended to be used primarily
as a data storage and exchange device. Hewlett-Packard does not support the creation or duplication
of audio CDs using this product and software. It is also recommended that you DO NOT use this drive
as a backup tool.

Hardware Installation

The A785xA CD-RW drive you have purchased may be installed in any one of several models of HP-
UX Workstations - b1000, b2000, b2600, c3000, c3600, c3650, c3700, j5600, j6000 or j6700. For com-
plete instructions on how to install the drive on your system, please refer to the appropriate Owners
Guide, Parts Replacement Guide or Technical Reference for your system. These documents can be
found at: http://www.hp.com/workstations/support/documentation/hpux_manuals.html

This CD-RW drive can either be installed to replace an existing CD-ROM drive or as a new drive
where none existed before. It also may have been integrated into your computer at the HP factory. HP
CD-RW drives were designed to operate in the horizontal position. Do not position your workstation
so the CD-RW drive is in a vertical position.

If you are replacing an existing CD-ROM drive with the CD-RW Drive, you must load the

 (for HP-UX 11.0) or PHKL_24283 (for HP-UX 11i) patches from the CD-RW software

media. If you are installing a new drive where none existed before, you must load the patches from
the http://us-support.external.hp.com web site. Make sure these patches are installed on your sys-
tem before attempting to install the hardware.


HP Support

Audio CD duplication

No (both GUI and command line)

Create bootable HP-UX CD

GUI=No, Command line=Yes

Duplicate bootable CD

Yes (GUI and command line) if CD is valid

Multi-Session recording

No (both GUI and command line)

Copying HP-UX install CD

For more information go to USER_GUIDE.pdf on
the CD

Copy CD-to-CD

No (both GUI and command line)

Disk-at-once recording

No (both GUI and command line)

Track-at-once recording

Yes (both GUI and command line)

Data recording (any file type)

Yes (both GUI and command line)

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