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HP Solutions User's Manual - Big Data.
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Service brief
Accelerate your path to 

Big Data value
HP Big Data Discovery Experience Services 
Explore business use cases quickly and discover insights  
for real-world implementation 

Experience the potential  

of Big Data analytics

There is no doubt that Big Data can help reveal 
new approaches, new business models, and 
new solutions to optimize performance, 
manage risk, enhance customer experiences, 
gain competitive advantages, and reveal new  
market opportunities. Lurking among the 
massive amounts of newly available and 
accessible data—waiting to be discovered—
are new ways for your organization to conduct 
business that can result in real business value 
and exceptional business outcomes. 

Extracting business value from Big Data is 
a clear business priority, yet it may seem 
overwhelming to accomplish. Legacy IT 
environments, new sources of data, such as 
sensor and social media, plus security and 
regulatory standards, and a variety of business 
and technology options may be obstructing  
your goals. HP Analytics and Data Management 
consultants understand that in order for 
organizations like yours to readily exploit  
Big Data, they require: 

•A clear path to business insights and value 


•Rapid exploration and deployment  

of business use-case scenarios with  
predictable investments

•A low-risk, secure data and analytics 

environment that won't disrupt existing 
information and business processes 

Begin the discovery  

journey today

greater customer insights with social media;  
attempting to incorporate the use of unstructured 
data with key business processes, the HP Big 
Data Discovery Experience suite of services 
strategy, and business opportunities. Our 

HP Discovery Workshop—1–2 days
The Discovery Workshop includes preliminary 
planning to prioritize your requirements, 
expectations, and business needs. HP consultants 
work with you to align business and IT strategies 
Data strategy. We explore business use cases 
and begin planning according to business 
priority and value. 

Services in brief 

•  Achieve a clear path to business insight

•  Deploy rapidly with limited and predictable 


•  Protect your data within secure environments