Hotpoint WD63 User's Manual

Hotpoint Washer/Dryer User's Manual - WD63.
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WD63, WD64

Hotpoint recommends, for your own safety and to ensure you get the best possible results from your Washer

Dryer, you read through this booklet and follow these steps thoroughly.

Choose a location for your washer dryer,

where possible on a solid floor, with the
electrical sockets and water supply taps

easily accessible.

Allow sufficient space: 600mm width,

600m depth and 900mm height.

DO NOT install in a bath or shower


Dispose of packaging material in a safe
place and remove any labels.

Please read through thoroughly to
ensure you understand each stage
before you begin.

Read the rest of these instructions to get the best from your appliance, remember to fill in your guarantee registration.

Keep these instructions in a safe place for quick reference.



A wash chart is provided to help you to
select your required programme.

Examples given for the maximum 
washing load weight for different fabric


WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.

Remember you may be charged for a service call if a
problem with your washer dryer is caused by 
incorrect installation or misuse.

Electrical Guide

Installation Guide

Wash Guide

Read through this section to  familiarise

yourself with the different 

compartments within the dispenser


STEP 3 Dispenser Drawer

NOTE: Always follow manufacturer’s dosage 


A guide to drying times is provided for
independent drying programmes, along
with a list of items not suitable for 
tumble drying.

Examples given for the maximum drying
load weight for different fabric types.

STEP 6 Drying Guide

All available optional wash features are

explained within this section -  These

allow you to adjust your selected wash

programme to suit your needs.

STEP 5 Options Guide

NOTE: In addition to the temperature of the 

incoming water, the selection of optional wash 

features will affect the programme times.

Hotpoint recommend the Persil range of 

detergent products.

STEP 8 Troubleshooting

A picture guide provides a clear 

explanation how to set a wash and auto

dry programme.

DO NOT overload the washer dryer.

STEP 7 Wash & Auto Dry Programme

NOTE: Hotpoint recommend, on completion of

your programme, that you switch off both the 

electricity and water supply to the appliance.

Please refer to the Troubleshooting 
section if you have any problems when
using your washer dryer.
There may be nothing wrong!

NOTE: Always make sure the mains button is in the
OFF position  before selecting an independent 
drying programme.