Hotpoint EXPERIENCE DISHWASHER FDFET 33121 User's Manual

Hotpoint Dishwasher User's Manual - EXPERIENCE DISHWASHER FDFET 33121.
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English, 1




Product Fiche, 2

Precautions and safety advice, 3-4

General safety
Disposal of old electrical appliances
Saving energy and respecting the environment 
Recycling & Disposal Information
Installation, 5-6-7

Positioning and levelling
Connecting the electricity and water supplies
Technical data
Advice regarding the first wash cycle
Description of the appliance, 8

Overall view
Control panel
Loading the racks, 9-10

Lower rack
Upper rack 
Adjusting the upper rack 
Unsuitable crockery  
Damage to glass and crockery
Start-up and use, 11

Starting the dishwasher
Measuring out the detergent
Wash cycles, 12

Table of wash cycles
Special wash cycles and options, 13
Rinse aid and refined salt, 14

Measuring out the rinse aid
Setting water hardness
Measuring out the refined salt
Care and maintenance, 15

Cutting off the water and electricity supplies
Cleaning the dishwasher
Preventing unpleasant odours
Cleaning the sprayer arms
Cleaning the water inlet filter
Cleaning the filters
Leaving the machine unused for extended periods
Troubleshooting, 16
After-Sales Service, 17
Guarantee, 18

Instructions for use