Honeywell OrbitCG MS7180 User's Manual

Honeywell Scanner User's Manual - OrbitCG MS7180.
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MS7180 OrbitCG

Honeywell’s MS7180 OrbitCG® provides a stylish solution for omnidirectional 
and menu-scanning applications where counter space is at a premium.

OrbitCG combines the power of patented CodeGate® technology with 
many of the outstanding features already found in the MS7120 Orbit®—
the all-time, best-selling small omnidirectional hands-free scanner.

CodeGate technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar 
code and complete data transmission with the push of a single button, 
making OrbitCG ideal for targeted or menu scanning applications.  

This innovative, elegant and affordable solution to convenience retail 
applications also safeguards long-term infrastructure commitments. 

In the event of a change in POS system or software, OrbitCG easily 
updates firmware via its patented MetroSet®2 configuration software 
—provided free by Honeywell. Use either a USB or RS232 interface 
to perform configuration updates.

Based on the original MS7120 Orbit’s award-winning design, OrbitCG’s 
shape enables hand-held scanning of large, bulky items. For added 
flexibility,  the  scanning  head  can  be  tilted  within  a  30°  range  to 
accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes.

Standard  features  include  an  EAS  antenna  integration  for  tag 
deactivation, power save mode, data editing, OPOS/JPOS compatibility 
for easy installation and user-replaceable cables.

For more information on the MS7180 OrbitCG omnidirectional laser 
scanner, please visit

Omnidirectional Laser Scanner

20 Scan Line Omnidirectional Pattern: 


aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand 

presentation applications 
Single-Line Option: 

With the push of a button, switch to 

a targeted scan ideal for menu scanning
Adjustable Scan Head: 

Ability to tilt scanner 30° for 

targeted scanning or larger products

Flash ROM: 

Protects POS investment with free firmware 

updates via MetroSet®2 software and standard PC
Built In RF EAS Antenna: 

Increases efficiency by 

simultaneously deactivating RF EAS tags and decoding  

bar codes