Honeywell 6300dpm User's Manual

Honeywell Scanner User's Manual - 6300dpm.
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6300dpm / 6320dpm

The 6300 dpm Series of handheld imagers sets the industry standard 
for reading Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability.

DPM identification for part traceability demands rugged, self-
contained imagers that perform consistently on all types of codes 
and parts.  The 6300 dpm Series offers the only imagers in the 
industry that read everything from the most challenging DPM codes 
to the easiest printed bar codes.  And, these imagers are designed 
to hold up to the harshest environments.  When you add Honeywell’s 
outstanding ergonomics and durability to the list of breakthrough 
features, these imagers are the clear choice for customers who 
demand best-in-class performance from their DPM solutions.

The 6300 dpm Series includes the 6300 corded and 6320 cordless 
models.  Both models are powered by Adaptus® Imaging Technology 
5.0 – the world’s leading technology brand for image-based bar code 

The 6300 dpm Series supports USB, keyboard wedge, and RS-232 
communications; while the 6320 cordless model uses Bluetooth® 
communications to connect to an intelligent base station.  Both 
imagers offer a high-resolution image sensor and simple setup 

The 6300 dpm Series imagers are powered by Honeywell’s exclusive 
Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0  engine platform.  A highly 
innovative, custom DPM lighting system allows the 6300 dpm imagers 
to optimally illuminate marks of any type, on any surface. Low-angle 
lighting with quadrant control provides the uniform illumination 
required for dot peen and etch marks. The integrated diffuser 
provides soft illumination required for highly reflective parts such as 
electrochemical etched marks on shiny, round surfaces.  A custom 
DPM decode engine ensures high first pass read rates on even the 
toughest marks.

Available in standard and long range models

Powered by Adaptus


 Imaging Technology 5.0 – a leading 

technology brand for image-based bar code reading
Custom DPM illumination system creates readable images 

from all marks
Custom DPM decoding engine assures the highest reading 

yield on DPM codes
Rugged, ergonomic design ensures best-of-class durability

Autodiscriminates reading of 1D and 2D codes

Omni-directional reading of DPM codes delivers superior 

performance regardless of mark orientation
Available in corded and cordless models

Cordless now comes with Bluetooth version 1.2

All models are now RoHS compliant

Direct Part Mark Imagers