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Honda Motorcycles Owner's Manual - CB TWISTER.
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Your vehicle can provide many years of
service and pleasure – if you take
responsibility for your own safety and
understand the challenges that you can meet
on the road.
There is much that you can do to protect
yourself when you ride. You’ll find many
helpful recommendations throughout this
manual. Followings are a few that we
consider most important.
Always Wear a Helmet
It’s a proven fact: Helmets significantly
reduce the number and severity of head
injuries. So always wear a helmet and make
sure your passenger does the same. We
also recommend that you wear eye
protection, sturdy boots, gloves and other
protective gear (page 3).

Make Yourself Easy to be Visible
Some drivers do not see vehicles because
they are not looking for them. To make
yourself more visible, wear bright reflective
clothing, position yourself so other drivers
can see you, signal before turning or
changing lanes, and use your horn when
required, it will help others notice you.
Ride Within Your Limits
Pushing the limits is another major cause of
vehicle accidents. Never ride beyond your
personal abilities or faster than conditions
warrant. Remember that alcohol, drugs,
fatigue and inattention can significantly
reduce your ability to make good
judgements and ride safely.