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Heat Controller Air Conditioners Owner's Manual - Patriot 80 Series.
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Thermostat Operation (when you have heating and
There are two switches located on the thermostat. One
switch controls the heating and cooling functions. The other
switch is for “FAN” operation, either continuous or automatic.
On the thermostat is the temperature range for the heating
temperature and the cooling temperature desired.

To put the system into operation, push the switch to either
“HEAT” or “COOL” position.
After you have chosen the type of operation you desire, move
the thermostat dial or lever to select the temperature you
would like the system to maintain.

Fan Operation
You may wish to increase your comfort by setting your system
for continuous air circulation of the indoor air. The fan switch
on the thermostat permits you to do this (see Figure 1).

With the switch in the “ON” position the fan will operate
continuously. “AUTO” position gives fan operation only when
the unit is in either heating or cooling.

Maintenance Of Your Furnace

There are routine maintenance steps you should take to keep
your unit operating efficiently. This will assure longer life,
lower operating costs, and fewer service calls. The steps
given in this publication are easy to follow and are not time
consuming. Certain service and maintenance procedures
require the skill of a trained service person who has
specialized tools and training for their use. Please call your
dealer for service. 

Personal injury can result if you are

not qualified to do this work.

Cleaning/Replacing the Filter

Lighting Instructions

STOP! Read the previous safety information.

2. Set the thermostat to the lowest setting. Turn off electric

power to the appliance.

3. This appliance is equipped with an ignition device. 


not try to light the burner by hand.

4. Check the oil supply valve.
5. Turn on electric power to the appliance.
6. Set the thermostat to the desired setting.
7. The burner should light and the system should be

controlled by the thermostat. If the appliance will not
operate, call your service technician.

What to do if your unit is not heating properly
If your unit is operating but fails to provide complete comfort,
check the following before calling for service:

1. Be sure the thermostat setting is correct.
2. Check to see if the filter is clean.
3. Be sure air can circulate freely throughout your home.

Do not block supply registers or return grilles with
furniture or rugs.

And if you also have cooling...
4. Keep surface of the outdoor coil free from dirt, lint, paper,

or leaves.

5. Check and clean indoor coil if necessary. (This check

should be made at the start of each cooling season by
your service technician.)

What to do if your unit fails to operate
1. Be sure the main switch that supplies power to the unit

is in the “ON” position.

2. Replace any burned-out fuses or reset circuit breakers.
3. Be sure the thermostat is properly set.
4. If the unit still does not start, call your service technician.

Temperature Control
There are many types and styles of thermostats. Yours may
look different from the one pictured in Figure 1, depending
on the type of thermostat and whether cooling was installed
with the system. However, almost all thermostats perform
the same basic functions described in the following section.

Operating Your Furnace

It is very important to clean or replace the air filter regularly.
A dirty air filter can sharply increase the operational costs of
your unit...in some cases it can double the cost. 

 The air

filter should be inspected at least every 6 weeks and
cleaned or replaced as required.
The unit may contain either a disposable filter or a permanent
filter.  The type of filter may be indicated on a label attached
to the filter.  If a disposable filter is provided, replace with
the same type and size as the original filter.  If a permanent
filter is provided, clean filter and place back in furnace.  To
clean a permanent filter, shake filter to remove excess dirt
and/or use a vacuum cleaner.  Wash filter in soap or
detergent water and replace after filter is dry.
If your air distribution system has a central return air filter-
grille, you do not need a filter in your furnace. Be sure to
clean the filter-grille as recommended above.

Dirty filters are the most common cause of inadequate
heating or cooling performance.  A clogged filter will not
permit adequate

Thermostat Operation (when you have heating only)
The thermostat is the only control you’ll need to set, as the
furnace is completely automatic. Just set the temperature
to the desired comfort level.

Always turn off the power to your furnace before removing
the doors or filters. Failure to turn the power off could result
in property damage, personal injury, or death.


Figure 1






Fan Switch

Selector Switch


(if applicable)















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