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Harbor Freight Tools Covers Product manual - 10 Ft. x 20 Ft. Portable Car Canopy.
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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.

Item 69034 



Read all safety warnings and instructions.  

Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in serious injury.   

Save all warnings and instructions for future reference. 

The warnings, precautions, and instructions discussed in this instruction manual cannot cover all possible 

conditions and situations that may occur.  It must be understood by the operator that common sense 

and caution are factors which cannot be built into this product, but must be supplied by the operator.

Assembly Precautions

Do not assemble in windy conditions.


Assemble and install only on 

flat, level, hard surface.


Assemble and anchor only according to 

these instructions.  Improper assembly or 

inadequate anchoring can create hazards.

4.  Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and 

heavy-duty work gloves during assembly.

5.  Keep assembly area clean and well lit.

6.  Keep bystanders out of the area during assembly.

7.  Do not assemble when tired or when under 

the influence of drugs or medication.

8.  Product capabilities apply to properly and 

completely assembled product only.

Use Precautions

Do not use grill or any other type of 

fire under cover.  Cover may catch fire 

if exposed to heat rising from fire.


Do not allow snow or debris to 

accumulate on this item.


Heavy, wet snow or strong wind could cause 

damage or sudden collapse.  Remove the Cover 

when these or similar conditions are expected.

4.  This product is not a toy.  Do not allow 

children to play with or near this item.

5.  Use as intended only.  

Do not use for long-term shelter.

6.  Inspect regularly, tighten all loose hardware and 

loose cords, and secure all loosened anchors.  

If any parts are damaged, bent, or stretched, they 

must be replaced.  Hardware may loosen during 

normal operation stresses.  Loose hardware 

or damaged/altered parts will compromise 

the structural integrity of this product.

7.  Maintain product labels and nameplates.  

These carry important safety information.  

If unreadable or missing, contact 

Harbor Freight Tools for a replacement.



Center Height

9′ 3″

Side Height

6′ 3″





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