GE 19242 Wireless Door Bell Owner's Manual

GE Door Owner's Manual - 19242 Wireless Door Bell.
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     Model 19242 

Wireless Door Chime Kit 
Installation Instructions for Battery Operated  
Wireless Door Chime Kit 
Prior to Installation the Try-Me feature must be removed. 

1.  Remove the battery cover on the chime. 
2.  Remove the white Styrofoam block 
3.  Unplug the red and black wires inside the battery compartment. 
4.  Remove the battery pack and discard appropriately. 


Chime components 
Required Tools: Small flat blade screwdriver, drill, 1/16” and 5/32” drill bits, 
and phillips screwdriver. 
Included Hardware:  
(2) Plastic screw anchors 
(2) 4x20mm screws 
(2) 3x20mm screws 
(2) Double sided adhesive pads 
The wireless door chime Kit has two components:  


House Code 

Try-Me Wires 

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