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Gateway Projectors Owner's Manual - HD2200.
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Using Your Gateway Flat-Panel Monitor


Connecting the monitor

To set up the monitor, first unpack the box, unwrap the components, then make your cable 

Connecting video inputs

To connect video sources to your monitor:


1 Position your computer and the monitor so you can reach the back of each.
2 If your computer has a digital video connector (DVI), connect a DVI video cable (not included) 

to the white connector on the display.

- OR -

Connect the blue VGA video cable to the blue VGA video connector on the display.

- OR -

Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the display, or connect component video cables 
to the component video ports on the display.

3 Make sure that your computer is turned off, then connect the other end of the video cable 

to the matching video port on the back of your computer. 

Connecting power

To connect power:


1 Position your monitor so you can reach the back, then connect the power cord to the power 

connector under the back of the monitor.

2 Plug the power cord into a correctly grounded power outlet. We recommend using a surge 

protector to protect your monitor from voltage spikes.

For best audio performance, if your video connection uses HDMI, the digital 

audio is also conveyed along the same cable, and no additional audio connection is 
required. You may need to set your video source’s audio mode to PCM or ANALOG 
to hear the audio. See your source device’s user guide for more information.

DVI port

VGA port

Component Pr

Component Y

Component Pb

HDMI port

Power connector