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Garmin Motorcycles Installation Instructions - zumo 390LM.
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Attaching the Base Plate to the Motorcycle Mount


Direct, sustained contact with the base plate, or any part of the 

motorcycle, may damage the mount over time. To prevent this 

kind of damage, you must place the mounting spacers between 

the mount and base plate, and make sure that no part of the 

device or mount touches the motorcycle.

Thread the M4 x 20 mm panhead screws 


 through the 



, cradle, spacers 


, and base plate 



Tighten the nuts to secure the base plate.
Attaching the Base Plate to the Handlebar Base
Align the ball of the handlebar base 


 and the ball of the 

base plate 


 with the double-socket arm 



Insert the ball into the double-socket arm.
Tighten the knob slightly.
Adjust for optimal viewing and operation.
Tighten the knob to secure the mount.
Align the ball of the base plate attached to the cradle 



the other end of the double-socket arm.

Repeat steps 2–4.
Installing Your Device in the Motorcycle Mount
Fit the bottom of your device into the cradle.

Tilt the device back until it snaps into place.

NOTE: If the latch on top of the mount stays up after you 

insert the device, press it down.

Removing Your Device from the Motorcycle 

Press the button on the side of the mount.
Lift out the device.
On the motorcycle mount, place the weather cap on the 

power connector in the center of the cable (Attaching the 

Power Cables to the Motorcycle Mount).

Mounting Your Device in an Automobile


Before mounting the device, check the local laws pertaining to 

windshield mounting.


This product contains a lithium-ion battery. To prevent the 

possibility of personal injury or product damage caused by 

battery exposure to extreme heat, store the device out of direct 

Do not use the suction cup mount on a motorcycle.
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the 

product box for product warnings and other important 


Pull back the weather cap on the back of the cradle.
Plug the automotive power cable 


 into the mini-USB 



 under the weather cap.

Remove the clear plastic from the suction cup.
Clean and dry your windshield and the suction cup with a lint-

free cloth.

Press the suction cup 


 to the windshield, and flip the lever 


 back toward the windshield.

Snap the cradle 


 onto the suction cup arm.

Fit the bottom of your device into the cradle.
Tilt the device back until it snaps into place.

TIP: Press on the logo at the top of the device while holding 

the tab at the top of the cradle.

Plug the other end of the automotive power cable into a 

power outlet.