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zumo 350LM, NA
Snap the cradle
onto the suction cup arm.
Fit the bottom of your device into the cradle.
Tilt the device back until it snaps into place.
TIP: Press on the logo at the top of the device while holding
the tab at the top of the cradle.
Plug the other end of the automotive power cable into a
power outlet.
Support and Updates
Garmin Express provides easy access to these services for your
Product registration
Software and map updates
Product manuals
Vehicles, voices, and other extras
Setting Up Garmin Express
Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the
Plug the larger end of the USB cable into an available USB
port on your computer.
Go to
Follow the on-screen instructions.
nüMaps Guarantee
Your device may be eligible for a free map update within 90
days of first acquiring satellites while driving. Go to for terms and conditions.
About nüMaps Lifetime
Models with "LM" after the model number include subscriptions
to nüMaps Lifetime, which provides quarterly map updates for
the life of your device. For terms and conditions, go to
NOTE: If your device does not include a subscription to nüMaps
Lifetime, you can purchase one at
Entering and Exiting Sleep Mode
You can use sleep mode to conserve battery power when your
device is not in use. While in sleep mode, your device uses very
little power and can wake instantly for use.
TIP: You can save power by putting the device in sleep mode
while charging the battery.
Press the power key
Turning Off the Device
Hold the power key until a prompt appears on the screen.
The prompt appears after five seconds. If you release the
power key before the prompt appears, the device enters
sleep mode.
Select Off.
Resetting the Device
You can reset your device if it stops functioning.
Hold the power key for 10 seconds.
Adjusting the Screen Brightness
Select Settings > Display > Brightness.
Use the slider bar to adjust the brightness.
Adjusting the Volume
Select Volume.
Select an option:
Use the slider bar to adjust the volume.
Select to mute the device.
Select for additional options.
Status Bar Icons
The status bar is located at the top of the main menu. The
status bar icons display information about features on the
device. You can select some icons to change settings or view
additional information.
GPS signal status.
technology status (appears when Bluetooth is
Transportation mode indicator.
Current time.
Battery status.
Acquiring GPS Signals
To navigate with your device, you must acquire satellites. in
the status bar indicates the satellite signal strength (see Status
Bar Icons). Acquiring satellites can take several minutes.
Turn on the device.
If necessary, go outdoors to an open area, away from tall
buildings and trees.
If necessary, hold to view detailed information about the
satellite signals.
Viewing GPS Signal Status
Hold for three seconds.
Transportation Modes
Motorcycle mode
Automobile mode
Off-road mode (See Navigating Off Road)
Routing and navigation are calculated differently based on your
transportation mode.
Choosing a Transportation Mode
Select .
Battery Information
After the device is connected to power, it begins to charge.
in the status bar indicates the status of the internal battery.
To increase the accuracy of the battery gauge, you should fully
discharge the battery and then fully charge it. Do not unplug the
device until it is fully charged.
Setting the Time
NOTE: You can select Automatic to automatically set the time
each time the device is powered on.
Select .
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