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Garmin GPS Owner's Manual - Nuvi 1450.
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nüvi 1100/1200/1300/1400 Series Owner’s Manual

Getting Started

Using the Power Button

Press and quickly release the Power 

button to view additional options:
•  Touch   and   to adjust the 

screen brightness.

•  Touch Lock Screen to prevent 

accidental screen touches. 

•  Touch Power off to turn off your 

nüvi. You can also turn off the 

nüvi by holding the power button 

for approximately three seconds.

Resetting Your nüvi

If your nüvi stops functioning, reset 

your nüvi by pressing and holding 

the Power button.

Adjusting the Volume

From the Main menu, touch Volume

Touch   and   to adjust the 

volume. Touch the box next to Mute 

to mute all audio. 

Navigating the Screens

•  To quickly return to the Main 

menu, touch and hold  .

•  Touch   and   to see more 

choices. Touch and hold to scroll 


Finding Your Destination

The Where To? menu provides 

several different categories for you 

to use when searching for addresses, 

cities, and other locations. The 

detailed maps loaded in your nüvi 

contain millions of points of interest, 

such as restaurants, hotels, and auto