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GPSMAP 7407xsv
Camera Integration
Installation Instructions
Marine Camera Integration Guide
Integrating FLIR
and Axis
network cameras with your Garmin
marine electronics provides superior video surveillance for your
boat. You can view video on every chartplotter screen on your
boat, or view multiple video streams on one chartplotter
combination screen. You can use touchscreen gestures to
control your camera from your chartplotter, such as pinching to
zoom, and dragging to pan and tilt the camera. You can
customize your chartplotter to store settings with on-screen
presets for each camera, such as camera position and zoom
A Garmin Power over Ethernet (PoE) Isolation Coupler (GPN
010-10580-10) must be used to connect standard Ethernet
equipment to a Garmin Marine Network. Such equipment
includes a network camera, network switch, video encoder, or
PoE injector. A shielded cable, such as a CAT 5e F/FTP, offers
the best protection for your equipment. Connecting a PoE
device directly to a Garmin Marine Network chartplotter
damages the Garmin chartplotter and may damage the PoE
You can connect multiple supported video cameras and up to
two video encoders (models with four channels or fewer) to the
Garmin Marine Network.
You can set up combination screens to view multiple videos at
once. In devices with multiple composite video inputs, only a
single video function within a combination screen can use a
built-in video input. Some chartplotters, including the GPSMAP
8015 series and 8500 series, support quad view, which allows
four built-in videos to be viewed within a single video function.
NOTE: When you connect multiple video cameras to the Garmin
Marine Network, you can insert a PoE isolation coupler in the
path to create a single connection from a network switch to your
Garmin electronics.
FLIR Cameras
FLIR marine cameras provide thermal imagery, and can provide
an optional lowlight camera output. When you connect a FLIR
camera to your compatible chartplotter, the network detects the
camera automatically and displays it in the source list. You do
not need to pre-configure the camera before installation.
Garmin GPSMAP 7400, 7600, and 8000 series chartplotters are
compatible with FLIR M and MD series cameras.
Multiple Network Camera Connection
Item Description
Compatible GPSMAP chartplotter
Garmin Marine Network cable
DC power
FLIR M-series camera
Analog/composite video camera such as Garmin GC10 (010-11372-00)
Axis network camera
FLIR joystick
Ethernet cable
Composite video cable
Axis video encoder
BNC composite inputs
PoE network cable
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