Garmin GNX 130 10_inch Flush Mount Template

Garmin Instruments Flush Mount Template - GNX 130 10_inch.
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Printing a Mounting Template


These instructions for printing a mounting template must be followed precisely. Failure to do so may result in incorrect dimensions on the 

template and an incorrect cutout (too large or too small) on the mounting surface of your boat.
To print the attached mounting template, check the dimensions of the template and select the appropriate size of paper. Both the length and 

width measurements are indicated on the template.
The paper size must be larger than the dimensions of the template. Select the paper size using the Properties button in the Adobe Acrobat print 

dialog box.
Select Auto-Rotate and Center to ensure the template prints in the correct orientation.

ImPoRtAnt: When printing the flush mount template, set Page Scaling in the Adobe Acrobat print dialog box to none.

Page Scaling: 



Auto-Rotate and Center: 

Select with a check mark 

for correct orientation

Properties: Select 

the paper size.

Paper size (example): 

Use appropriate size paper.


After printing and before cutting the mounting surface, measure the printed template to ensure both the length and the width printed at the 

correct size and to ensure that the dimensions of the printed template match the actual size of your mount. Garmin is not responsible for any 

damages or expenses resulting from a miscut mounting surface arising from a failure to follow these instructions.

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