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GMR 18 xHD Radome
18/24 xHD Installation
You can operate this device only with radar-compatible Garmin
devices or through a Garmin Marine Network. See your Garmin
dealer or go to for more details.
Important Safety Information
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings and other important
The radar transmits electromagnetic energy. Ensure that the
radar is installed according to the recommendations in these
instructions and that all personnel are clear of the path of the
radar beam before transmitting. When properly installed and
operated, the use of this radar conforms to the requirements of
ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992 Standard for Safety Levels with Respect
to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.
When the radar is transmitting, do not look directly at the
antenna at close range; eyes are the most sensitive part of the
body to electromagnetic energy.
When connecting the power cable, do not remove the in-line
fuse holder. To prevent the possibility of injury or product
damage caused by fire or overheating, the appropriate fuse
must be in place as indicated in the product specifications. In
addition, connecting the power cable without the appropriate
fuse in place voids the product warranty.
This device should be used only as a navigational aid. Do not
attempt to use the device for any purpose requiring precise
measurement of direction, distance, location, or topography.
Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask
when drilling, cutting, or sanding.
When drilling or cutting, always check what is on the opposite
side of the surface.
Registering Your Device
Help us better support you by completing our online registration
Go to
Keep the original sales receipt, or a photocopy, in a safe
Contacting Garmin Product Support
Go to and click Contact Support
for in-country support information.
In the USA, call (913) 397.8200 or (800) 800.1020.
In the UK, call 0808 2380000.
In Europe, call +44 (0) 870.8501241.
Loading the New Software on a Memory
The device may contain a software-update memory card. If so,
follow the instructions provided with the card. If a software
update memory card is not included, you must copy the software
update to a memory card.
Insert a memory card into the card slot on the computer.
Go to
Select Download next to “Garmin Marine Network with SD
Read and agree to the terms.
Select Download.
Select Run.
Select the drive associated with the memory card, and select
Next > Finish.
Updating the Device Software
Before you can update the software, you must obtain a
software-update memory card or load the latest software onto a
memory card.
Turn on the chartplotter.
Insert the memory card into the card slot.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Wait several minutes while the software update process
The device returns to normal operation after the software
update process is complete.
Remove the memory card.
Mounting Considerations
To complete the installation, you need the appropriate fasteners,
tools, and mounts. These items are available at most marine
It is highly recommended that the device is mounted out of
range of personnel, with the horizontal beam width above
head height.
IEC 60936-1, clause 3-27.1, states maximum distances from
the antenna at which radio frequency (RF) levels can be
18 xHD
100 W/m squared = 91 cm (36 in.)
10 W/m squared = 289 cm (114 in.)
24 xHD
100 W/m squared = 108 cm (43 in.)
10 W/m squared = 343 cm (135 in.)
The device should be mounted high above the ship’s keel
line with minimal blockage between the vessel and the radar
beam. Obstructions may cause blind and shadow sectors, or
generate false echoes. The higher the installation position,
the farther the radome can detect targets.
The device should be mounted on a flat surface or a platform
that is parallel to the vessel's water line and is sturdy enough
to support the device's weight. The weight for each model is
listed in the product specifications.
Most radar beams spread vertically 12.5° above
and 12.5°
the radome's radiating element. On vessels with
higher bow angles at cruise speed, the installation angle can
be lowered to point the beam slightly downward to the
waterline while at rest. Use shims if necessary.
The radome has two mounting options when installed on a
standard marine mount. One mounting option is closer to the
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