Garmin Edge 305 with Cadence Sensor Quick Start Guide

Garmin Discontinued Quick Start Guide - Edge 305 with Cadence Sensor.
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2.  Attach the bike mount securely using two cable ties. 

Note: Make sure the cable ties are threaded through both parts 

of the bike mount.

3.  Align the Edge with the bike mount so that the unit is vertical.
4.  Slide the unit left until it snaps into place.

To release the unit:

Press down on the release lever, and slide the unit to the right.

 Charge the Battery

1.  On the back of the Edge, pull up the weather cap from the  

mini-USB port. Make sure that this area is completely dry to 

prevent corrosion.

2.  Plug the mini-USB end of the charger into the mini-USB port on 

the unit. 

3.  Plug the A/C charger into a standard wall outlet. Charge the 

Edge for at least 3 hours before using. When the battery is 

completely charged, it can run for approximately 12 hours 

before recharging.

 Configure the Edge
When you first turn on your Edge, the following setup screens appear. 

Follow the on-screen instructions. 

To configure your Edge:

 Mount the Edge
You can install the bike mount to the stem or handlebars. The stem 

installation (shown here) provides a more sturdy location. Make sure 

that the Edge is facing up for the best GPS reception.

To install the Edge on your bike stem:

1.  Place the wedge on the bike stem, and then place the bike 

mount on the wedge. Make sure the release lever is on the left. 

For horizontal bars: Separate and remove the top part of the 

mount, turn it 90 degrees, and replace. Continue with step 2. 

For bars with a diameter less than 1 in (25.4 mm): Place 

the additional rubber pad under the bike mount to increase the 

diameter of the bar. The rubber pad also keeps the mount from 

slipping. Continue with step 2.

Getting Started



•  Press and hold to turn unit on/off. 

•  Press to turn backlight on/off.



•  Press to switch modes.

•  Press to return to the previous page.



•  Press and hold to reset the timer. 

•  Press to create a new lap.



Press to start/stop the timer.



•  Press to highlight options.

•  Press to scroll through menus and data fields.

•  Press to adjust contrast when on the Satellite page.


Press to select options and to acknowledge messages.

Note: If the Edge locks up, press mode and reset/lap simultaneously 

to reset the unit. 













mini-USB port under 

weather cap

 Acquire Satellites
Acquiring satellite signals may take 30–60 seconds. For 

troubleshooting information, refer to the owner’s manual.

To acquire satellite signals:

Go outdoors to an open area. Press and hold the 

Power   button to turn on the Edge.
On the Satellite page, the available satellites are 

flashing while the Edge searches for satellite 

signals. Acquired satellites and each corresponding 

bar below change to solid. The GPS accuracy 

appears at the top of the page. 
Wait while the Edge searches for satellites. For best 

reception, make sure the Edge is facing up. Stand 

still in an open area, and do not begin moving until 

the Satellite page disappears. After the Satellite 

page disappears, you can begin your ride.

Screens 4 and 5 

apply to Edge 305 







release lever



bike mount



release lever

cable ties

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