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echoMAP 71sv
*The device withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 m
for up to 30 min. For more information, go to
**Dependent upon transducer rating and depth.
***Maximum depth, dependent upon transducer, water salinity,
bottom type, and other water conditions.
****Dependent upon echoMAP model.
NMEA 0183 Information
Type Sentence Description
Transmit GPAPB APB: Heading or track controller
(autopilot) sentence "B"
GPBOD BOD: Bearing (origin to
GPBWC BWC: Bearing and distance to
GPGGA GGA: Global positioning system
fix data
GPGLL GLL: Geographic position
(latitude and longitude)
GPGSA GSA: GNSS DOP and active
GPGSV GSV: GNSS satellites in view
GPRMB RMB: Recommended minimum
navigation information
GPRMC RMC: Recommended minimum
specific GNSS data
GPVTG VTG: Course over ground and
ground speed
GPWPL WPL: Waypoint location
GPXTE XTE: Cross track error
PGRME E: Estimated error
PGRMM M: Map datum
PGRMZ Z: Altitude
SDDBT DBT: Depth below transducer
SDMTW MTW: Water temperature
SDVHW VHW: Water speed and heading
Receive DPT Depth
DBT Depth below transducer
MTW Water temperature
VHW Water speed and heading
WPL Waypoint location
DSC Digital selective calling
DSE Expanded digital selective calling
HDG Heading, deviation, and variation
HDM Heading, magnetic
MWD Wind direction and speed
MDA Meteorological composite
MWV Wind speed and angle
Type Sentence Description
VDM AIS VHF data-link message
You can purchase complete information about National Marine
Electronics Association (NMEA) format and sentences from: NMEA,
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