Garmin 4000 User's Manual

Garmin Marine GPS System User's Manual - 4000.
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GPSMAP 4000/5000 Series Installation Instructions

GPSMAP® 4000/5000 SerieS inStAllAtion inStructionS

The GPSMAP 4000/5000 series chartplotter and GPS 17 antenna must be properly installed according to the following instructions. You 

need the appropriate fasteners, tools, and mounts listed in each section. These items are available at most marine dealers. Always wear safety 

goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask when drilling, cutting, or sanding. When drilling or cutting, always check what is on the opposite side 

of the surface. Mount the GPSMAP 4000/5000 series unit in a location that provides a clear, glare-free view of the display and easy operation 

of the controls or touch screen. If you experience difficulty installing the unit, seek the assistance of a professional installer; or contact 

Garmin Product Support by phone at 913/397.8200 or 800/800.1020, Monday–Friday, 8 AM–5 PM Central Time. Go to and click on Product Support for more information. In Europe, contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. at 


To install the GPSMAP 4000/5000 series unit:

1. Mounttheunit.
2. Mounttheantenna.
3. Connecttheunittopowerandtotheantenna.
4. Ensuretheunitsoftwareisup-to-date.
Though they are not necessary to use the GPSMAP 4000/5000 unit, this manual covers other installation options:

• ConnecttheunittoothernetworkcompatibleGarmindevices,suchasasounderorradar.
• ConnecttheunittootherNMEA0183compatibledevicessuchasaVHFradiowithDSC.
• Connecttheunittoanexternalalarm.
• ConnecttheunittoaNMEA2000source(availableonsomeboats)forvariousmechanicalandnavigationinformation.
• Connecttheunittoavideoinputsource.
• Connecttheunittoanexternalvideomonitor.

Surface Mounting the GPSMAP 4000/5000 Series Unit

Tools required (not included):

• Drillanddrillbit
• Screwdriver
• Pencil
• Mountinghardware(screwsornuts,washers,andbolts)


  NoTE: The mounting hardware (screws or nuts, washers, and bolts) are not included. The holes on the bail mount are 5/16" (7.9 mm) in diameter. 

Choose mounting hardware that fits the holes in the bail mount and best attaches it to your specific mounting surface. The size of the drill bit 

required depends on the mounting hardware chosen.

July 2007 

190-00779-02 Rev. C 

Printed in Taiwan

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