Ford F-150 W0029 User's Manual

Ford Toy User's Manual - F-150 W0029.
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Owner's Manual 

Owner's Manual 

with Assembly Instructions for 

with Assembly Instructions for 

Models T6991, W0030, W0029

Models T6991, W0030, W0029

• Please read this manual and save it with your 

• Please read this manual and save it with your 

original sales receipt.

original sales receipt.


• Tool needed for assembly: Phillips Screwdriver

Tool needed for assembly: Phillips Screwdriver 
(not included). 

(not included).

• Use only with the included Power Wheels

• Use only with the included Power Wheels® 

12 Volt Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery with 

12 Volt Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery with 
Built-in Thermal Fuse and a Power Wheels

Built-in Thermal Fuse and a Power Wheels® 


12 Volt Charger with type 12V connector 

12 Volt Charger with type 12V connector 
(both included).

(both included).

• Requires four "C" (LR14) alkaline batteries 

• Requires four "C" (LR14) alkaline batteries 

(not included) for FM radio operation.

(not included) for FM radio operation.