Exibel Exibel BIX80 User's Manual

Exibel Headphones User's Manual - Exibel BIX80.
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. 20140305

Wireless Earphone Headset
Art.no  38-6205, 38-6206 

Model  BIX80

Please read the entire instruction manual before using the product 
and then save it for future reference. We reserve the right for any 
errors in text or images and any necessary changes made to techni-
cal data. In the event of technical problems or other queries, please 
contact our customer services.

•  Never subject the headset to high temperatures, dust, heavy 

vibration, impacts, water or moisture.

•  Do not place the headset where there is a risk of it falling into 

water or other liquid.

•  Do not expose the headset to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
•  Never attempt to tamper with or modify the headset in any way.
•  Only use the supplied charger cable.
•  Do not leave the headset on charge for longer than necessary 

when they are not in use. Discontinue charging during 

•  Check your local regulations regarding mobile phone use in 

combination with driving.

•  Shut off both the headset and mobile phone in areas where you 

are requested to do so, such as hospitals, aircraft or explosive 

Buttons and functions

6.  Removing the charging port cover.
7.  LED indicator.

Operating instructions
The cord can be adjusted to the desired length using the included clips. 

Try the earplug sleeves to find out which ones fit you best.

3.  The LED indicator (7) shines red when charging is in progress.
4.  The LED indicator shines blue once the battery is fully charged. 

Charging time: 1 hour

5.  Stop charging when the battery is fully charged, overcharging 

reduces the battery capacity.

The LED indicator will flash red when the battery power is low. 
iPhones have an icon on their displays to indicate the battery status 
of the headset.

Bluetooth connection
1.  Hold the headset and your mobile phone (or other Bluetooth 

device) at a distance of no more than 1 metre from each other.

2.  Hold down [ 

▲ ] on the headset until the LED indicator flashes 


3.  Activate Bluetooth on your telephone.
4.  The headset will appear as “BIX80” on your telephone. 

Select this as the device to be connected. Refer to the instruction 
manual of your device for further clarification if you are unsure.

5.  When a connection has been established, the LED indicator will 

flash blue every few seconds.

6.  Check the playback on your headset or your telephone. 

Refer to the Buttons and functions section for an explanation of 
the headset controls.

7.  If no connection is established after 2 minutes, the headset will 

switch off automatically.

Note: If you are prompted to enter a PIN code on your telephone, 
you should enter 0000 (four zeroes). Certain telephones may also 
require you to approve the connection.

If you have connected a mobile phone to the headset via Bluetooth 
and receive a call whilst you are listening to music, the music will 
be switched off automatically. Once the call has been ended, music 
playback will be resumed (if your phone settings enable this).

Care and maintenance
•  Clean the headset using a lightly moistened cloth. Use only mild 

cleaning agents, never solvents or corrosive chemicals.

•  Make sure that the battery is fully charged if you do not intend to 

use the headset for a long time. The battery should be charged 
every 3 months when the headset is not being used, in order for 
the battery to maintain full capacity.

Troubleshooting guide

will not 
switch on.

Make sure that the battery is charged. See the 
Charging section above.

Poor or 
no sound.

•  Adjust the volume on both your telephone and 

the headset.

•  Make sure that a Bluetooth connection has been 

properly established.

•  Test the playback from your telephone before 

connecting it.

•  Try playback using another file or format e.g. 

MP3. The file you are attempting to play may be 
incompatible or corrupted.

•  Make sure that no other wireless device is 

disrupting the Bluetooth connection.

•  Make sure that your telephone is within range 

of the headset, max 1 m.

1.  [ Increase volume, next track, and more ]



Repeated short presses will raise 
the volume.



Holding the button down will select 
the next track.



Holding the button down will transfer 
an ongoing call between the headset 
and a telephone.

2.  [ 

▲ ]



Holding this button down switches 
the headset on and off.



Activates Bluetooth.



A short press activates play and pause.

3.  [ Decrease volume, previous track, and more ]



Repeated short presses will lower 
the volume.



Holding the button down will select 
the previous track.



During a call, holding the button down 
will temporarily mute the headset 

4.  Microphone.

The built-in battery cannot be replaced. Charge the battery before 
using the headset for the first time. The battery only reaches full 
capacity after it has been fully charged 2 or 3 times.
1.  Connect the supplied charger cable to a USB charger.
2.  Remove the charging port cover from the right earphone and 

plug the charger cable in.

This product should be disposed of in accordance with local 
regulations. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact your 
local council.


 V 3.0


 2.402–2.48 GHz

Compatible with   HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

 10 m

Talk time 

 5 hours

Audio playback   4.5 hours

 180 hours

Charging time 

 1 hour

Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Clas Ohlson AB declares that following product(s):

38-6205, 38-6206


is in compliance with the essential requirements and other 

relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC and 2006/95/EC.

Article 3.1a (Health): EMF/SAR 99/519 EC Council

Article 3.1a (Safety)  EN 60065

Article 3.1b (EMC):    EN 301489-1
                       EN 301489-17

Article 3.2 (Radio):   EN 300328



Insjön, Sweden, Feb. 2014

Klas Balkow,



Clas Ohlson, 793 85 Insjön, Sweden

5.  [ Manage incoming calls, etc. ]



Short presses of this button will answer and end 
incoming calls.



Pressing the button 2 times will call the previous number 
dialled. The redial function only works when no music is being 
played or no call is in progress.



Holding the button down will reject an incoming call.



If you receive an incoming call during an ongoing call, a short 
press of the button will answer the incoming call and end 
the ongoing call.



If you receive a second incoming call during an incoming call, 
the first call can be “parked” and the incoming call answered 
by holding down the button for 3 seconds.