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Electrolux Dishwasher User's Manual - ESF 63020.
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Safety information

In the interest of your safety and to
ensure the correct use, before in-
stalling and first using the appliance,
read this user manual carefully, in-
cluding its hints and warnings. To
avoid unnecessary mistakes and ac-
cidents, it is important to ensure that
all people using the appliance are
thoroughly familiar with its opera-
tion and safety features. Save these
instructions and make sure that they
remain with the appliance if it is
moved or sold, so that everyone us-
ing it through its life will be properly
informed on appliance use and

Correct use
• This dishwasher is only intended for

washing household utensils suitable
for machine washing.

• Do not put any solvents in the

dishwasher. This could cause an ex-

• Knives and other items with sharp

points must be loaded in the cutlery
basket with their points down or
placed in a horizontal position in the
upper basket.

• Only use products (detergent, salt and

rinse aid) suitable for dishwashers.

• Avoid opening the door whilst the ap-

pliance is in operation, hot steam may

• Do not take any dishes out of the

dishwasher before the end of the dish-
washing cycle.

• After use, isolate the appliance from

the power supply and turn off the wa-
ter supply.

• This product should be serviced only

by an authorised service engineer,
and only genuine spare parts should
be used.

• Under no circumstances should you

attempt to repair the machine your-
self. Repairs carried out by inexper-
ienced persons will cause injury or
serious malfunctioning. Contact your
local Service Force Centre. Always in-
sist on genuine spare parts.

General safety
• Dishwasher detergents can cause

chemical burns to eyes, mouth and
throat. Could endanger life! Comply
with the safety instructions of the
dishwasher detergent manufacturer.

• The water in your dishwasher is not for

drinking. Detergent residues may still
be present in your machine.

• Ensure that the door of the

dishwasher is always closed when it is
not being loaded or unloaded. In this
way you will avoid anybody tripping
over the open door and hurting them-

• Do not sit or stand on the open door.

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