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Electrolux Dishwasher User's Manual - ESF 63020.
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The salt indicator light on the control
panel can remain illuminated for 2-6
hours after the salt has been

replenished, assuming the
dishwasher remains switched on. If
you are using salts that take longer
to dissolve then this can take longer.
The function of the machine is not

Use of rinse aid

Only use branded rinse aid for dish-
Never fill the rinse aid dispenser with
any other substances (e.g.
dishwasher cleaning agent, liquid
detergent). This would damage the

Rinse aid ensures thorough rinsing,
and spot and streak free drying.
Rinse aid is automatically added
during the last rinse.

1. Open the container by pressing the

release button (A).

2. Add the rinse aid in the container.

The maximum level for filling is indi-
cated by "max".

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