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Diplomat Dishwasher User's Manual - ADP8352.
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Your brand new dishwasher complies with stringent EEC specifications and is fully
compatible with any 600mm deep kitchen units.  If you are reasonably handy at DIY,
installing your dishwasher should be relatively straight forward as long as you stick to the
following guidelines. If you have any doubts about installing this product we suggest  you
seek professional advice.

IMPORTANT: The electrical supply, water supply and drain should NOT be positioned
directly behind the appliance. When the appliance is located and fixed in position it must
be possible to switch off and disconnect both electrical and water supplies.

Connection to a Water Supply.
Your dishwasher has been specially designed to heat its own water. This means that you'll
only have to pay to heat water actually consumed by the appliance. What's more, the
dishwashing process itself is designed with economy in mind. Within each cycle, hot water
is filtered and re-circulated many times before being expelled as waste.
We recommend that your dishwasher is permanently plumbed in to the cold water supply.
To do so, connect the pipe with its 3/

4" BSP female connector to a suitably threaded

tap.Always run water through the pipe before connection to remove any debris.
Ensure that there are no kinks in the tube and always fit the black rubber filter
supplied with the dishwasher at the appliance inlet connection.

Connection to Waste Pipe.
The discharge hose is at the back of your dishwasher.  On no account shorten this
pipe and always ensure it hangs vertically.
Plumb the pipe into a waste outlet between 320 and 800mm above floor level. This
outlet should be at least 40mm in diameter, providing an air break, and ensuring an
efficient flow of water.
On no account seal the waste pipe as this can create a suction effect in the wrong
direction. Plumb in your dishwasher as illustrated below.

Your dishwasher has a capacity of 9 full place settings. That's 9 of everything- dinner,
soup, side and dessert plates plus the accompanying cutlery and selection of
saucepans, so you shouldn't be short of space.



320mm (min)
800mm (max)


Not Working Properly cont..

If the dishwasher does not function or does not function correctly, before calling for
assistance, please check the following:

The Dishwasher Does Not Start
Have you checked that:
- the plug is inserted into the socket correctly;
- there is power to the socket;
- the appliance is switched “ON”; (does the ON-OFF light come on)
- the door is closed properly;
- the water supply is turned on.

The Dishwasher Does Not Load Water
Have you checked that:
- the water is turned on and the hose is connected properly;
- there is water supply to the house and it has sufficient pressure;
- the water supply hose is not crimped or bent;
- the filter for the water supply hose is not blocked.

The Dishes Are Not Clean
Have you checked that:
- the correct amount of detergent has been used;
- the detergent is suitable for dishwashers and is not too old;
- the appropriate wash program has been selected;
- there is sufficient salt in the salt container
- there is sufficient rinse-aid in the rinse-aid compartment;
- the spray arm nozzles are not blocked.

The Dishwasher Does Not Drain
Have you checked that:
- the drain hose is crimped or bent.

Lime Deposits or a White Film Form on the Dishes
Have you checked that:
- the lid to the salt container is closed properly;
- the rinse aid dosage is correct.

Error Messages
The dishwasher is equipped with a safety system that is able to detect operating problems
and malfunctions. These malfunctions are signalled by the rapid blinking of one of the
program LEDs. Only in the case where the indicator light for the soak cycle (see table for
cycles) blinks rapidly should you cancel the cycle as described in the section entitled,
'Changing a Cycle while Under-way.” Then check to make sure that there is water in the
mains and that the tap is turned on. If the message continues, call for technical assistance,
indicating which message appeared.
If any of the other indicator lights begins to blink rapidly, turn off the appliance and call for
technical assistance, indicating which light began to blink

WARNING: any operations performed on the appliance by

unauthorised persons may invalidate the warranty.